What is the 9x19 Swedish M/39S round


I have the box pictured below which contained M/39S 9mmP ammunition. it was empty when I got it.

Does anyone know what the correct round is for this box?

Any help appreciated.



The language used on this is Danish (if you didn’t know but I guess you did).

The stamp translates to
"50 pcs. 9 mm pistol cartr. m/39 s
Load unknown (or load data unknown)"

Rear says “Controlled and repacked”. I have a faint idea that m/39 s might be some sort of training or blank ammunition but not 100% or 90% sure. Somewhere I have it scribbled down as “blindladdad”, not sure how I would translate it.

The rear of the box says something about practice shooting (stamp at right, going from 3-4 o’clock to top center of box).

Morten should have an entry on these codes in an older SARA Bulletin I imagine


Lew, very interesting box, thanks for posting.

What I would understand from the markings is that it is a Danish box containing Swedish 9 mm M/39 (m/39 svensk) ammunition that was inspected and repacked on July 29, 1949 and identified as Beredskabsammunition (emergency ammunition) by the Jutland Dragoon Regiment.




I have a complete Swedish Norma box with M39. I’ll post some pictures soon.


And here they are. Slight magnetic bullet.


But in the NP box are civilian ones or for police.
The Military ones have black or darkbluish/greenish primer and casemouth seals,and where replaced later by the m39/b , which has than red primer seal and casemouth seals and using a reinforced jacket.
See pics: right m39B (in denmark the M41, as far as i knew) on the left the older m39

and here the cuts, right one the m39/b with the strenghtened bulletjackets (today the same as the CG High Performance round)


Peter, the Danes do referr to all 9x19 FMJ as M/41. The ones which are the M/39B are then designated M/41 “with steel cap”.


Forensics - The early M39 loadings by all of the factorys - NORMA, 24, 26,
27 (again Norma but with number code), 32 had a violet primer and case
mouth seal. It was in 1944 that the change was made to green, which in
actuality can run from a normal-tone green, to blue-green, to green so dark
it sometimes appears to be black until seen under very strong light. I have
never seen one with truly a black PA & CMS. I don’t collect dates, but
I have several of the codes with 44-date with violet seals, and in one instance,
one round from 44 with violet seals and one from 44 with green seals. All
I have seen from 1945 until the change to the M/39b loading with red seals,
have had the the green seals in various shades of that color.

Commercial rounds even with the M39/b headstamp such as the NORMA round,
generally do not have visible, colored seals. There are exceptions, but few and
far between. I am talking about rounds made before and during WWII era.

John Moss