What is the best Rimfire ref book?

Rimfire ref book.?
What is the best book for ref ?..Title ISBN #general-ammunition-discussion

No book but here the .22 site of Roger E. Huegel.
He has country sections with pdf files full of great images and info.
Maybe this is of help to you.


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Thankyou …D

This is one excellent website Thanks D

My Opinion only:
The Rimfire Cartridge in the United States and Canada by Barber is a good book, some errors, but everyone makes errors in the human world. Sells for $50.00 to $75.00 ?
I have another due here soon, but need to look at it first, before I post the information.

There are basically 2 rimfire reference books that are readily available here in the States, The American Cartridge by Suydam and The Rimfire Cartridge in the United States and Canada by John Barber. Like most cartridge references both have their good points and both contain errors. Rumor has it another book by Lou Behling may be coming out sometime in the future.



Yes, Lou had a draft of the book available for viewing at SLICS. He has done so much original research that it will become the primary reference on the subject.



I’ve had the privilege of proof reading some of it & the bar to surpass this book will be extraordinarily high.

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I had the privilege of reading Lou Behling’s manuscript this weekend and am convinced it will be the definitive work on American rimfire cartridges. While my interest is mainly in the early military cartridges, it covers everything from the first cartridges for S&W up to modern .22s by CCI, etc, and as large as the .58 and .69 caliber rimfire cartridges.

It has an amazing amount of information chronologically, by maker, and caliber. It will be easy to use.

It is superbly researched from a wide variety of primary archival sources, including correspondence, reports and catalogs of the Ordnance Deprtrment, the various trials boards, ordnance officers engaged in tests or inspections, manufacturing companies, inventors, and foreign governments interested in procuring arms/ammo or manufacturing equipment. Many long held assumptions are challenged and corrected, but duly noted so readers can understand why this book differs from some earlier works.

He has also dug into tax records for information on production quantities and capacity. Of course, the archival research is combined with serious and detailed measured and weighed study of surviving rounds, many sectioned or broken down to verify details. He also has checked some information from various secondary sources (Suydam, Barber, Hoyem, etc), and where Behling has reached different conclusions that is pointed out.

In my opinion, about 99% of the research work has been done. The detailed photos are about 90% done, needing only final work to arrange in proper sequence in a few plates and to adjust size to be to same scale remaining. The writing is probably 95% done.

The hard work of wrapping up details on a few loose ends, layout, index, etc remains and that is slow, tedious work and may take a while. The final product will be absolutely superb. My wild guess is maybe another year before it will be in print, but Lou will not commit to a date. (Yesterday would be nice…)

He also has an equally well researched and detailed section on history of the many rimfire cartridge companies, including many obscure ones. The well known companies which have been thoroughly researched by others are described in less detail and the reader is referred to existing publications. The maker section alone is probably 150-200 pages, and all together my guess is that it will be something like 450-600 pages in all.

Yes, THIS is the book we have been waiting for, and Lou Behling deserves our gratitude for his work.

Now, everyone quit bugging him and let him get it done! It will we be well worth the wait.



What is this 22 Rimfire…Thanks in advance.any info is greatly appreciated …… .Don
Its also Hollow point .

There is a very rare original .22 like this, but this is a fake.

There is another book, Cartridges Of South Coventry, I have heard is a good book on rimfire, but I have not received my copy yet, so only here-say.

Thankyou… is it possible we may know more regarding originals and fakes of this cartridge ?

See the book, CARTRIDGES FOR COLLECTORS by H. Logan.
Only place it is illustrated that I’m aware.

I hope when it is printed, Mr.Behling makes it available to IAA members first…

This Cartridge came from a very old collection………How do you surmise it to be a fake…?

sent you a PM about this

There is also the 108 page book The Illustrated Rimfire Guide, by Andre Johansen in 2003. This book shows rimfires worldwide and has a line drawing of each cartridge. The author dropped in here today and he has one book left. Contact him at wolfgar4440@gmail.com

Definitely a worthwhile book.