What is the date of manufacture?

Code on back of box is
31 E R
What is the date?
Can some one put the date code info on the forum for different manufacturers?
It would be nice to have all info from companies together.


.30 Cal. Pederson Cartridge?

Dating Cartridge Boxes by Remington”, on the IAA webpage reference section (click on “REFERENCE” in the header bar on this page, above) : cartridgecollectors.org/document … -Dates.pdf

Dating Cartridge Boxes by Peters Cartridge Company”, on the IAA webpage reference section: cartridgecollectors.org/?page=Pe … -Box-Dates


Bob, date is October 31, 1924.



As we would all expect, Fede got it exactly correct!!!


I forgot to mention that this box does not contain .30 Pedersen but .30 Browning Automatic Rifle or .30-18 cartridges with the heavier 90 grains bullet, a direct predessesor of the French 7.65 mm Long. For more details on the Browning Model 30-18 rifle search for US patent no. 1,457,961.