What is the Woodin Lab?

I keep seeing references to it. I take it is a huge collection of cartridges??? What is it?

Huge, YEP, but consider Bill collects only military and police from 1885 on but world wide. Approximately 8,000 plus individual case types, including a number of unique, experimental / developmental & production rounds but stopping at 30mm. (he once collected bigger but space became a problem). Lots of boards & no end of variations in almost any case type. However in German 7.9x57 ball he collects only the 1st & last lot number from each factory / year so he might have say; lot 1 and lot 364 as representing a factory’s total yearly production… For other load variations of German 7.9 he collects all / any headstamps. The library is also amazing.
He set it up as a Laboratory (vs a museum) tool for forensic, police and military to serve as a reference / study collection. Visitors sign in & state a reason for visiting. Contact with Bill is required before a visit.
hope this helps, it is an amazing place.
On my 1st visit, I spent one afternoon looking at just .50 BMG, British, color tips. He has (when I last looked) 4 drawers of fakes which is an education by it’s self.

A wonderful place protected by huge guard animals…

Bill Woodin is the “W” of the Hackley, Woodin, Scranton books, of which you’ve probably read on this Forum. Bill is a wonderful guy, and considered a bit of a guru of the cartridge collecting fraternity. The Lab is “the” huge collection of cartridges you asked about.

Vlad, you forgot to include the ferocious felines in your photos plus the relatively common little old 6 foot long rattlesnakes.

Johnnyc is right, Bill and Beth are both very nice & make any visit one to remember.

Some years ago I had the honour to be invited to stay a couple of days at the Woodin Lab.

Bill and Beth are very nice people and there is a very impressing collection available.

Personally I collect only one calibre.
I had the opportunity to see some very scare rounds from my calibre “life” and not from a book.
There were so many cartridges available in the Lab that the battery from my camera was empty several times.

What Pete wrote is absolutely the truth.
As Bill told me; “We are a gust here, for the snake it is there home”, means, on the property are buckets available, were the snakes who are crawling around put in. At the end of the day they are released in the desert. I personally had some problems with two snakes in one day.

@sksvlad. The dogs are harmless. Take care of the cat. -:)


Willem, they didn’t tell you that you were invited to feed the snakes!

I understand that the lab is the collection of Bill Woodin in Tucson, but wonder how I should go about contacting the man/lab for a visit?

Contact is usually by IAA members who would have his contact info from the member directory. It is not open to the public per-se, but Bill has always been generous with time for people he can vet either through the IAA, ECRA or other collector groups

With the passing of Bill Woodin earlier this year, what will become of the collection?

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A Great Man.

Yikes, that’s so sad of his passing. Is there anyone who has contact with his wife over the collection? I’m interested to see his Mid East section.

His wife predeceased him and the collection is closed to visitors.

His sons are deciding what to do with it.