What Is This? (14.5MM Blank?)


I came across this interesting round. I was told it is 14.5MM. It is a live round but I have no clue what it is? Could it be a blank? It was hard to photograph but the case is a dark purplish color. It says “86” on the headstamp.



Yes a blank 14.5x114, 14.5 Russian caliber. Someone else can explain the application, I don’t believe it’s for simulating MG firing.


Correct, it is a regular blank for the KPV and KPVT weapon. This one here is of Romanian manufacture.


Thanks guys! You know your stuff!



I wonder if this 14.5 blank shown on Yuri Bushin’s website is the same designation, but with what looks like a different tip color, and case material?



It sure looks similar except for shell case color.



At the ECRA show in Germany last weekend there were several Bulgarian 14.5mm blanks with green lacquered steel casses and green wads. The colour and style of the case is down to local practice.



Right, different case materials, wad colors and the Romanians even made star crimped ones.


What is the colored ball / plug / projectile part made of?


Jason, it is cardboard.


Thanks so much, Alex!



Hi Jason,

The cartboard piece is not actually a solid ball but more like a hemispheric wad. See this picture:



How freak’ing AWESOME! Thanks so much, Thijs! Very grateful for the photo! Nothing like a quality cutaway to explain things.