What Is This 1952 Box Of Ammunition-Greek 8x57mm

I found this old box of 1952 ammunition that was given to me about 20 years ago from an old boss of mine. It belonged to his father who had passed away. Not sure if it is anything special or not to collectors? There is a faint pencil mark on the box that says 8mm.


Greek 8mm Mauser

Jason, look here viewtopic.php?f=8&t=12610

Thank you so much, Gregg and Vlad! That information that DocAV posted was fantastic. I love learning history like that. If anyone is interested in these, I’d be happy to send them as they are not in my collection genre and I’d like them to go to someone into them :-)

PS: They are live so I think I would have to ship UPS? I know I can not ship via the USPS.

Your only legit options for shipping live ammunition in the US is either using
UPS or FexEx “GROUND”. If the weight of an ammunition shipment is over the
weight limits of either of those two companys your option is to use a private
common carrier trucking company.
If you opt to use UPS, be aware that many of the “UPS Stores” which are a franchise, may refuse to accept ammunition for delivery, use one of the UPS
service centers instead
NEVER, NEVER, ship ammunition via US Postal Service… this fact has been mentioned many times on the forum.

Thank you, Frank!

Appreciate your advice, guidance and knowledge a lot! I definitely will not ship them or any other live ammunition via the USPS.