What is this 7.62 round?

I cant find any solid info online, can anyone tell me what kind of bullet this is?


Vlad named the caliber.
If the tip is silver colored it is a “LPS”, means it has a soft steel core. So in western terms a “ball” load.
Yours here was most likely made in the former USSR or the former Warsaw Pact.
Tell the headstamp and we can tell who made it.

its a .54R yes, what do you mean by the headstamp? sorry still a bit of a noob when it comes to ammo.

if you mean the back it looks like this

you can barely see the numbers on the picture but it says 72

Write the number from the top

my bad, 60 72

It was made in USSR in 1972, I was in school in Moscow then

guess that would explain why the bullets came in this packaging or? Sorry for the dumb questions i dont know anything about old 7.62 weaponry or ammo

Just wanted to be sure what kinda rounds they actually are lol

60 = Russian State factory, Frunze,Kirgsia,Russia

If you’re curious what kind of firearms this would fit, here’s a small list from memory:

Mosin Nagant rifles and carbines (many variants from different countries)
Tokarev SVT-38, SVT-40 rifles
Simonov AVS-36 rifle
Dragunov SVD, SVU, SVD-S marksman rifles
PSL marksman rifle
SV-98 sniper rifle
Degtyarov DP, DT, DPM machine guns
Goryunov SG-43, SGM, SGMT machine guns
Kalashnikov PK, PKM, PKT, PKP machine guns
Czechoslovakian Uk 59 machine gun
Maxim machine gun
ShKAS aircraft rapid fire machine gun

And many, many licensed and unlicensed foreign variants, copies, clones, etc.


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Tony, to be correct USSR as today it is Kyrgyzstan.

And it will also work in the ever popular Winchester 1895 musket in 7.62 caliber. Jack

is it a point to be correct? I appreciate that it is called Kyrgyzstan today but it wasn’t in 1972 when this round was manufactured, also if we are going to use todays ‘names’ Russia stopped being the USSR on 26th December 1991.

I understand but in 1972 it was still USSR, so Russia would not apply.

Not to nit-pick, but Russia was and still is a country, while United Soviet Socialist Republic was a conglomeration of nations ruled by Russia.

Ok but then Russia is even less correct as the Republic in question here was (is) Kyrgyzstan.
And the USSR in it’s time definately was one country.
And Russia still is a federation of Republics - those that never declared independency from the USSR.
And last but not least: look at the US!

But as you say nitpicking does not take us anyhere.
Main thing is that the readers are aware of the details which should be considered when it comes to the USSR and it’s Republics.

I was referring to your comment ‘USSR as today’, thought it odd that you ‘picked me up’ for using the place name from 1972(correct at the time of manufacture of the round in question) yet used the country name of the same period yourself.