What is this antique for?

We have found this in a family dresser. Any idea on what it is used for? image ![image|690x920]

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My 2 cents worth:

A) An interesting home made pointer stick

B) Crude but interesting swagger stick (examples on eBay under “swagger stick-militaria”)

With the .50 BMG cartridge case for the handle and what is probably a .30 Cal bullet for the tip I would lean towards swagger stick.


Option A was my initial thought.

A new record for me. The first time I have disagreed with Brian! :-) I think it is a pointer as well. It isn’t “pretty enough” for a swagger stock, and it is a bit too long. It would be a dandy pointer for various military classroom stuff,such as briefings involving large maps or pictures, usually aerial, from overhead projectors. It would be interesting to know the headstamp on the cartridge case, to get some clue, however inaccurate to getting a real idea of when this thing was put together, and also to know if any of the family was ever in the Army Air Corps, especially in WWII.

Nifty item! Years and years ago, I had a swagger stick someone made, but was not so interested in items like that and gave it, as I recall, to one of the Sergeants in one of the Reserve Units I was in. Only a vague memory now. It was made up on a .30 caliber case for the back end and a .30 cal bullet at the tip, both mounted to a wood rod with a very nice finish and some words carved into it, although I have no memory now of what it said.

The one shown here is a lovely item for a cartridge-related “odds and ends” accumulation.
Thanks for sharing it with us.

John Moss

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