What is This beside the 32-44?

Any guess as to what this is, I got it in a recent auction with a 32-44 that I wanted. At first glance it seems to be a type of shot concentrator?
If you have any idea you know more than I do.

Thanks Vic


I recently had to fix a leaky toilet and that looks like the little gizmo that shuts off the water supply when the float reaches the top of its cycle.

Only kidding, of course. I can’t wait to hear from someone who knows what it is.

The Internet and this Forum are amazing. Every morning I thank Al Gore for having invented them. 5 years ago, trying to get an ID on things like this would have been near impossible. There’s no doubt that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of unidentified “cartridge” related items floating around out there. As I said on another post, I now wonder how many truly collectable items have been tossed simply because a collector had no idea what they were and assumed they were simply junk.


BHT, For all I know it may be a little floating thing but it was associated with a group of ammo.

It appears very similar to a patent infringement British, Adams Dust-Bin cartridge, where the sides are also slit, (4X) and the dust-bin lid is shaped quite the same. However the ‘tail’ on this, which appears to be attached with solder, should not be. There should be only a hole. In this hole the longer than normal sprue of a cast lead round ball is fitted. With a proper diameter wad, on the sprue, between the case and bullet.
I know of at least 3 sizes of the infringement case, all apperaing similar to your piece but again with only an empty hole, awaiting a bullet, and without a ‘tail’.
In use, the dust-bin lid was removed, exposing the black powder charge, and the case with the attached wad and bullet are inserted in the revolver cylinder. (The original Eley manufactured examples should have a piece of blue [nitrated??] paper covering the charge plus a raised Eley & Etc. on the lid which sports a round ‘handle’. Plus the case is more of a cylinderical shape and without slits) We had one of these infringment examples in our sale 10 as lot 19 & I’ve spent probably 1/2 hour trying to get the darn photo loaded into photobucket from my MAC desktop, to no avail, so if you want to see the jpg e-mail me (not through the forum but directly see the profile) & I’ll attach the photo to a reply.

Here’s a picture of an Adams dustbin rd I have. it’s minus the lid though.

Vic–Perhaps your strange item is a variation of the
11 mm Riera Horizontal Pinfire. Go to:


Click on:

CURIOSIDADES 1: Sistemas antiguos, cartuchos experimentales, aplicaciones inhabituales,…

Look at the 3rd item.