What is this? (Bombs are ammunition?)

Purchased this at the auction last week.
Diameter is approximately 12 1/8 inches.
Length is approximately 30 5/8 inches.
I installed the bolts in the rear to protect the threads.
It has obviously been repainted as you can see some of the “training blue” at the base. I tried to remove the silver with mineral spirits. No joy.

I received some basic guidance from John S. (Thanks, John), but am looking for further information.


200 views and no ideas / suggestions.

You might post your question and pictures on BOCN (British Ordnance (inert:-) Collectors Network forum) as there are number of inert ordnance (including inert airdropped bombs) collectors there. Look at the sub forum “Bombs” which is dedicated to the subject of airdropped bombs from WW1 to the present.


Thank you. Will do.
Just finished registering and waiting for authentication.

Good! Hopefully you will get a response. Please let the IAA forum know what you find out!


First response within approx 2 hours including pages from the “book” showing components photo.

It is a M-124 Bomb, Practice: 250 pound.

I’m a regular over at BOCN as well.

My General rule is anything I need IDing that is below 20mm gets posted here. Anything above that at BOCN.

Not to say there aren’t some far more knowledgeable collectors than me in all areas on both forums, but it’s just the way I work.