What is this?---German WWII Flamethrower igniter


I have gotten hold of this strange looking steel cartridge. Hope somebody knows what it is. There are some markings, but I’m not able to read them. It looks like: ger and 167
AOL 22 mm
Dia 9.9 mm

Could it be a 10 mm CS-gas cartridge?


Looks like a flame-thrower ignitor.

I would agree with Jonny, but it should be noted that it is probably a German WWII flame-thrower igniter. I don’t know what the headstamp would be, as I don’t collect these.

The headstamp for that could be something like this:

Were there factories other than asb loading this cartridge?

The Czechs also made a brass cased version, and there is a great pic of that one here (from Jim Miles’ collection):

Yes, it looks like a German flame thrower ignitor WW2. The headstamps are often weak. Try to get a better image of it.

Ok. how does this thing work?
I know that other flamethrowers were ingnited by an electric coil.

I’ll see if I can grab a better picture, but my camera sucks.

Here is a little better picture of the headstamp.


The code “asb” is from Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken A.-G., Berlin-Borsigwalde.
I don’t know exactly what the other three initials represent, but likely one of our German friends
will know.

The German title is
Strahlpatron FW 41
intended for the
Flammenwerfer 41.

Are there WW2 German examples in brass ?

The headstamp shows the letter “zst” in addition to the manufacture’s code “asb”, which stands for zündpatrone staal (priming cartridge steel).

I have a very similar one made by the Swiss in the early 1950’s with a brass case.

Thanks so much for your answers.
Much obliged.