What Is this Inert Ord

I have a few pieces of inert ordnance and wonder if any one could help me identify them. This one is 10.75 inches in overall length. Steel projectile is marked 668853 V MK 1 MOD 1 LOT 53 (small H icon) 0766. The tip is aluminium and labeled: inert loading only 121972-C-2. At the widest it is 2.79 inches diamiter.

I thought it was part of a dummy round. What is it really?

Thanks in advance, Liberty

I think it is a warhead for a 2.75 inch FFAR (Folding Fin Aircraft Rocket).

I totally agree, I also think it is a inert 2.75" rocket warhead.


Ok, great. Thats it, I was able to find some good information from your ID.

Thanks a bunch.