What is this Lefaucheux cartridge from 1832?

pictures of a LEFAUCHEUX rifle with type breech
PAULY and chimneys on the cannons (separate priming).
Marking on the barrels (LE FAUCHEUX in two words typical of
archaic markings)
Marking on the lifting cylinder head.
Entrances to chambers without the characteristic angle of PAULY type rosettes.
The two screwless rosettes





So this is starting to look more like the capsule talked about at the beginning of the thread then. Have any pictures of that?

How does this one hook to the cartridge and keep from sliding down the barrel?

it looks more ?
no it is !!

Any picture of what ???

The gun that you posted is one of the variations of the 1828 patent addition to Picherau gun. I want to see what the cartridge and capsule looks like for the Lefaucheux patent 1833 percussion gun.

Hi Aaron
to answer your question
why the rosettes do not fall into the chambers ?
because chambers are conical (you can see that on picture)

Very difficult to find some guns to buy and very expansives

about the rifles we found 3 rifles with the rosettes inside because glued by corrosion
and the last one we found 15 days ago ; a Pauly one

PS : No need to ask to Mister Leveau info.
Because what i say is coming from him.

He does not speak english, therefore I post for him !

And we answer your questions as things progress.

Do not be in the hurry.

I was talking to Tony the other day too about some of these and he was going to ask Mister Leveau some questions for me too. But some of them got answered in this thread today.

Lefaucheux bought Pichereau shop in 1827 1828
and modified the entrances of the chambers

In 1833 the patent is for a breaking gun !!!

What do the earliest Casimir Lefaucheux paper cartridges and capsules/rosettes look like:

For the Picherau guns after Lefaucheux bought him between 1827-1828

For the Lefaucheux patent Pauly system guns 1828 - 1833

For the Lefaucheux percussion guns 1833-1835

they are like the one i show you
sometimes they are in brass, sometimes in steel