What is this round?


Interesting looking case found on ebay earlier on. Can anyone tell me what it is? (See link below)


The seller tells me there are no markings of any kind. I have asked for better measurements as all the listing says is that it is approx. 3 1/2" long. I would appreciate if someone could tell me what it is.


Had an email from seller telling me it is 65mm Long and has a mouth diameter of 25mm.


likely a flare


Flare did cross my mind, but it looks like it has a neck. I have a fired WW1 German flare of similar size, but it is a straight case. Still, I could be wrong.


It looks like a piece of trench art (maybe a match box?) made from a brass-cased 4-gauge flare shell; does he mention any headstamp markings at all? Since the mouth had to be necked down in order for the top to fit, that would explain the current dimensions.