What is this white-tip .50BMG?

Looking for some basic ID info on this stuff - I have not seen them before.

pix669393092 pix899751317

Armeria F. A. San Cristobal, Dominican Republic, 1956, API

As an aside, this is often said to be some of the poorest quality .50BMG ammo ever made.

I have seen other forum posts advising against shooting any of it.

I saw them for sale at $30 per box. As far as I can recall, 99% of the Dominican stuff I seem to see in the U.S. is the yellow tip, and I barely remember seeing this white-tip stuff before.

Who was “Benefactor de la Patria”?

Do u have a dupe 🤔…but I just checked and have one

Año del Benefactor de la Patria (Year of the Benefactor of the Fatherland) was the name given by the Government of Dominican Republic to the year 1955, that celebrated the 25 anniversary of the Trujillo Era (1930-1955) under the rule of Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina.

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