What is this?

Find this today in my grandmother’s drawer.
It really looks like a cartridge but never seen this kind of primer before. Could be everything else than a cartridge!
total lenght: 1.211"
case lenght: 0.837"
case diameter: 0.329"
ball diameter: 0.309"
weight: 15,11 grammes

Thank you for your help

Hi Laurent, does your grandmother had a Lebel rifle? This looks like a 8 mm bullet for the “Cartouche de Stand” by SFM.

Hello Fede,
No, my granmother hadn’t any rifle at home. Before your post, I was thinking about a cartridge but you must be on the right way about it is just a bullet. now, the item more looks like to a bullet than a cartridge! I have to find a Lebel bullet to compare!! Thank you very much fede!!