What is this?

It measures about 7.6x26.75mm.

DSCF9441 DSCF9438

Does its heft suggest it contains lead shot? Jack

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No sound when shaken (not stirred). Non magnetic. The brass has an old beat up appearance.

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Is it light like a blank would be or heavy as though it has a projectile or lead shot in it? Jack

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I can weigh it tomorrow. It is very light by touch.

For blank firing (irritants) gun or cane gun?

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There is something called 7.62x26.2R Russian.

Vlad, this does not square here. The Russian 7.62x25R is a sole WC load and just recently became a subcaliber load with a 7.62x54R T-46M bullet.
Also the rim shape here implies a very old case design which most likely is from black powder days.

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Yes, you are right. It was just a guess, and a bad one.

It does look like the 7.5x26R Sarbacane Shot (FR63) although maybe it has a much thicker rim (based on the image) - I need case dimensions to be sure.

That case is known in conventional cf but I have not seen it in conventional CF without a hs. It is known without hs in Gevelot IP & Gaupillat battery cup. I am only aware of French production.

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The total weight is 6.00 grammes, which is 92.58 grains. I’ll get measurements when I get home from work. I am always in a wrong place.

OK, I borrowed a world standard calibrated calliper from my maintenance department and made this beautiful drawing, all in inches. This round seems to have a slight taper at the mouth.
Sorry, the number on the left got cut off, it is 0.364.

Overall this case is c0.3-0.5mm larger than the 7.5x26R (Base, rim and mouth diameters and rim thickness and case length) which is significant and I doubt that this would correctly chamber in a Sarbacane or Canne weapon.

What else can it be: Revolver ?, Tool cartridge ??

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