What kind of 7.62x51 I have

The bullet weights 127 grains, 1.176" long, lead core, GM jacketed, uncannelured.
The case is loaded with 39.2 grains of spherical powder.
Note the ‘C’ on the primer.


Isn’t that one of the “low recoil” rounds made for SEA and US allies in the region?

I just see the low recoil loads had lighter projectiles.

Regular is 150 and match 170+… The reduced recoil white tip xm rounds were around 80 grains.

I’ll have to check hws when I get home.

I can’t identify this cartridge, but it is certainly not a Remington factory load from the 60’s because the “C” marked primer was made by CBC more than 30 years later.

Fede - could that actually be an oval (0) on the primer, rather than a “C”? Remington used to make some primers with an oval stamped into the cups.

Just a wild guess on my part, admittedly.

John M.

A better picture of the base


O.K. Clearly, from the perfectly rounded ends of the primer character, it is NOT a poorly stamped oval. I have not seen this primer marking before in relation to Remington.

John Moss

Raufoss Ammunisjon? Have you shot one? It might come with some extra fun!

Would be a “gunshow special” in that case. Raufoss loads (multipurpose/multipurpose-tracer) are only loaded in 12,7x99, 20-25-27 and 30 mm.

Anyone who claims to have a Raufoss/“Raufus”/“Raufos”/“Rafos” round in 5,56, 7,62x39, x51, x54R, etc are either straight up lying to sell their product, or are believing they’re selling a legit round sold to them as a fake.


on the first picture i see white tip

for the “gunshow raufoss” i see different shade of light green (they try to imitate the light green on legit rounds (12.7x99)