What kind of ammunition that box had at 1941?

Hi my friends,i want to ask you if you know what kind of ammunition this 1940 German box had…Thank you very much…(Is it 1500 bullets for Me 109 guns ???)I found it at Crete …Some photo

The note opposite to thiw say:Geeignet fur gest…rte Bordwaffen


Thank you very much!!!

7,92x57 IS with heavy bullet for MG42

I am afraid ammunition made in 1941 was not intended for the MG 42.

Its is the ordinary German 7.9 mm ball ammunition (sS) of the time, still using brass cases and existing stocks of bullets originally made in 1935 by Polte. Loaded on August 8th, 1941 by the 1st shift in an unknown factory. “Für MG” basically means its not in stripper clips. The lower part of the label is missing.
A label “Geeignet für gesteuerte Bordwaffen” means it could be used in synchronized aircraft machine guns, the only type then being the MG 17.

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As it was suitable for synchronized guns it means this ammo was for aircraft machine guns. This would exclude the MG42 anyways as such ammo would not be wasted for ground use.

It took a wile until I found out who made this label.
This is a label from ammunition made for the Africa corps.
The cartridges were made by “eej”, Märkische Walzwerke G.m.b.H., Strausberg.
And the cartridge is a so called sS Tropen.

The picture from the box label is the 11th order but the Powder and bullets are the same as #10.