What the heck, Muzzleloader 50 Cal Primed Brass?

Am I the only one that thinks, “Whisky Tango Foxtrot, PRIMED brass for MUZZLE LOADING RIFLES?!”

Turns out these are for the .50 Caliber In-Line Remington Ultimate Muzzle Loader, (Hmmm, I wonder how sales are going?), built on the Model 700 action. They are supposedly 4 Inches long, and the specs are listed as, " Width: 2.1, Height 1.8, Length 4.0 ", and, “… a capacity of 200 grains of BP”.

Uhm… WHAT the EFF? Ya’ gotta’ love the advertising, yea?

With a bore of .50 caliber, and a bolt body diameter of .695"/17.65 mm, and outside diameter of the action being 1.348" the stated dimensions make no sense to me.

I found these notations: “With the correct reloading equipment, these brass casings can be re-primed after firing with a set of .308 dies.”, and, “… a lengthened .45 ACP case.”. Well, that does not make them anywhere near 4" long… maybe the length of a .45 Col, .454 Casull, or .45 Winchester Magnum?

Anyone want to tackle that?




Container says “ignition system” - not cartridge - ?

Look at the 2nd picture to see, it is just the priming system for the rifle!

Federal has the new FireStick muzzleloading technology too:

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Interesting, but I have two problems with this, the biggest being Why? Because they can does not mean they should. [Sorry, I can get uppity on such topics]

  1. “… accuracy muzzleloaders have never experienced”? Has Federal never heard of the 1,000 yard Creedmore matches between the U.S. and Ireland, or the 1,200 yard matches that were routinely shot?

  2. What happens when your most ACCURATE load of 86 grains of FFFg is good out to 400 yards? The 100 & 120 grain loads often are too much, and give you shoot-throughs on deer. I have seen this way too many times when people use max loads because they have been convinced it increases the distance they can shoot, when many times they should not be shooting that far because their skill, or perceived skill, level simply is not there. Or they are hunting where the max distance is under 100 yards. And they sight in at 50 to 100 yards.

I have read before that certain US states have extended hunting seasons for muzzle loaders. Apparently this is the reason for these designs. I have also read that muzzle loading guns can be sent by mail and do not require background checks, at least in some states. This may not be correct as I am not in the USA and am not certain about US laws.

Are those firestick charges loaded into plastic cases? I notice that the text says that the primer cap is sold separately and must be inserted into the case by the shooter before loading.

Yes, they are pre-loaded ‘powder holders’, and the primers are sold seperate so they can be marketed as a BP substitute instead of live ammunition.

There are quite a few Black Powder firearms that must be bought through an FFL/Gun Store because they are not traditional designed muzzle loaders, (Flint Lock, Cap Lock), and can be easily converted into cartridge firing rifles, like the Remington Ultimate Muzzle Loader based on the Model 700 rifle, and Thompson Center Encore, among others, that have barrel change capability.