What the heck?

These two came in a big box of 11mm Mauser and 43 Spanish, and they do resemble 43 Spanish, but what are they?

maybe the bottom of the cases were cut out and other cartridges were inserted???

Thats what I was thinking… maybe to put standard Boxer primer pockets in brass that was Berdan primed.

Ditto; this is what someone who has an 11mm Spanish rifle, some Berdan brass, and a lathe does, when they want to be able to shoot the rifle with black powder reloads. Not necessarily the best or smartest thing to do, but plenty of people have done it.

When you say not the smartest thing to do, is it unsafe somehow, even if the correct powder charge is used?

Since this is basically introducing a “separated case waiting to happen” into the equation, it’s an act of desperation at best, particularly with cases that you’re planning to re-use over and over. You’d likely get different effects ranging from high-pressure gas out through the joint, up to the complete inner case falling out when you open the breech.

SDC is right when he says that there are a lot of things that can go wrong. But a lot of shooters (me included) have done the same thing in order to get a case or two when you just have to shoot that old rifle.

When I intend to shoot the rifle more than a couple of times I have made better cases by threading the base and screwing in the insert rather than a push fit or gluing it in. This makes it as strong as you will need.

Wildcatters and handloaders have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves. Never be surprised at what you’ll find.


Several questions:

  1. Are these wildcats?
  2. Any suggestions of how to rename this topic?
  3. These are reloaded with black powder. Are they safe to handle? What happens if I drop one?
  4. Any idea when it was done? Any way to tell from the looks of lead?
    Here is how they look from the side with a real Spaniard being 3rd from the left.


They look like a 43 Spanish and probably are if the bullets measure right.

I don’t know why they wouldn’t be safe to handle. In fact it looks like the BP has taken on moisture and is pushing the bullet up out of the case. They probably wouldn’t fire, even if someone was to try. The case necks would probably break off besides.

Somebody went thru a lot of work to make them and didn’t bother to take care of them. If I had made these I would be embarrased to show them, even to my wife.

Take them to SLICS and trade them for something rare and valuable.