What timeframe about this Hirtenberger SPORTING Pinfire?

I Show headstamp and cases of 16 Gauge PINFIRE ammo, made by HIRTENBERG-Patronenfabrik…
But what is wondering me, that they had already SPORTING ammo in this time…
Anybody has an idea of the timeframe on this headstamp??


Sorry I can’t help with your time question but I’d think there was a market for these long after the C.F. shells were being produced. I think the English produced these into the 1920’s, as I would think did the French.
I can’t quote any actual dates as to when those two actually stopped production, but that’s my understanding.

O knew, that Pinfire was made that late. It was even made in the 50thies…
I just woukd knew about the marking “SPORTING” in the headstamp…
I was thinking the SPORTING aspect was a more modern attitute, and therefore was wondering that this word showed up on the headstamp of a PINFIRE round…
Thx anyway

Howdy Peter
Somehow I missed seeing SPORTING in the headstamp.even though you wrote it out. Was yesterday Monday?

So now that I’m aware of it, sorry, but no reason I can think of for it.

Well maybe some retailer featured the word Sporting heavily in his advertising & so requested it on his product?

For what it’s worth, Their 150-year history does not give any info on this “Sporting” trademark. It does however say that “Hirtenberg” could appear on headstamps pretty much from any timeframe under any of the various company iterations.

From the look of the shells it could’ve easily been made anywhere from 1880s - 1930.