What type of .303 is this

I recently obtained this and it is was identified as a Lead-in Cartridge for the Vickers MG. I have been unable to find any information on it. Are there any .303 Collectors that can provide any information? The item is made of steel and is shown in the photos below compared to a .303 ball round.



For the 100 round drum used with a Bren gun and is the MK 5 dummy.


Thanks Pete for the fast reply! Do you have a picture of how it is used or is there a reference? I didn’t know the Bren had a drum magazine associated with it.


It has been years since I sold my SA Bren and the drum I had, but there were three of these rounds joined together that helped the first few “real” rounds feed straight as they go into the drum and I suppose as the last few rounds are fired out of the drum. The spring acts on these dummy rounds and not directly on the real rounds. Hope this helps,

Thanks Taber.