What type of belt

I have this part of a belt that I don’t know what is for.
I got it this way and the empty cartridges in the belt looks like 20x110 Hispano, but I’m not sure that they are correct for this belt.
I have found pictures of Russian belts that is very close, but not 100%.
Any ideas?
By the way, I’m not allowed as a new member to post pictures yet.

Welcome aboard. You can post one picture initially and then more after other members respond. Simply drap and drop the image into the text box that you write your reply into and the software will do the rest.

Thanks, that helped. I guess 3 pictures was too much.

These are Swedish 20x110 (Hispano) M45 links made by Bofors.

Wow, that was quick, thanks.
I guess the “M45” means the year 1945 also?

So the cartridges are the right ones for this belt then.

Means adopted in 1945 or "Model of 1945.

The cases are correct, you just can check the caliber and length.
Can you maybe show us the headstamps?

Do they all have the same eight digit number on the head?

For anyone to reply

Is that some sort of ‘federal stock number’ or lot number?

How about the three and five digit numbers?

How are they interpreted?

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Hi Pete, “126” is the case manufacturer’s code (Kockums Emaljerverk), while “63” is the date (1963) and “001” is the lot number. Loading facility is “357” (Sammansättningsverkstad Gällö), “64” is the date (1964) and “001” is the lot number.



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Wow, thats a lot of knowledge!! Thanks to all.