What type of round do I have?


I have what looks like a tank round but I am not sure. It’s marked IC 19 onthe side.

Here are the pictures

s885.photobucket.com/albums/ac58 … view_click


My guess is that it is a WW2 or newer 3 inch/75mm/76.2mm High Explosive type round with a point detonating fuze. With no other markings, it may be either an unaccepted example (reject/over run) projectile painted up for advertising/display or souvenir use; OR a foreign projectile.

I hope the fuze screws off and you can verify it is empty.


Can you post the photo directly? Opening it requires a download.



Here are some photo’s of a (inert) US WW-2 era 75mm HE projectle with a PD fuse fitted

Those may give you something to compare your to