What US Military Ammunition is Corrosive-The Answer

This is a question that occurs regularly both her and in other places.

Ron Merchant was kind enough to make this information available (from an APG document) to a friend who sent it to me.

I have now posted it in the “Free Data” portion of my website as a .pdf document that you can download and have the accurate information.

Thanks to both Ron and Tom Graham!



That document has been kicking around for years. Unfortunately, some of the Cal .30 and 7.62mm Match data is incorrect.

Similar lists posted on at least 3 other gun and shooting forums are more comprehensive, showing the lot numbers of the first non-corrosive for each manufacturer and type. These were taken directly from TM9-1305-200. I believe TM9-1305-200 was also on the IAA site at one time. Part of Chris Punnet’s introduction to 30-06??


Ray, Thanks, I’ll add the warning on the error to my site.


Lew, thanks for sharing! I posted a similar information in an earlier thread.


I should have mentioned this earlier - this thread has dropped down so far that no one may be looking at it anymore - but regarding the 7.62mm International Match ammunition, only 2 lots used corrosive primers. The remainder used FA #34 or #36, or Rem #72 which are non corrosive.