What would be correct ammo for WW1 Mauser 1910

I have a mauser 1910, chambered in 6.35x16 (.25acp) and I want to pair it with some ammo that would be appropriate for its period. The serial no. indicates manufacture date of 1914, so I would like to find WW1 ammo. What should I be looking for? I know these would have been private purchase pistols, so would the ammo used just be whatever they could get their hands on? Would it be issued? Thanks

If it is for a static display, and not being inspected/handled, and the headstamps are not going to show, (I have a 1930s’ era .25 ACP that I display), personally I just use standard brass cased FMJ rounds.

DWM 479A

a pistoled , dwm 479a are 7.65 not 6.35

what there are flat and rounded primers on your box
there a differences from manufacturer loader ?

I would rather collect the original ammo. I have a few german WW1 guns that I’m trying to pair ammo with at the moment.

You are right on the caliber, my embarrassing mistake. I am sorry I can’t help with the primer question.

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thank for your response

So, you are looking for an intact box, rather than rounds to be displayed with the pistol?
I do not have a picture handy, but I display the handgun on a stand, with magazine next to it, and as many rounds as the magazine will hold below them.

The ammo is old enough that I would be happy with singles, and elated with a box. Either is fine. I’ve gotten some feedback from the luger forum of some pictures of commercial 6.35 boxes. I collect german Imperial militaria and sort of have a rule of thumb of no replicas, reproductions, or non-period items. I recently posted pictures here of a box of 1915 luger ammo I picked up, along with a 1913 luger I’ve had a for a few years.

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could be one made by Cassel arsenal in 1918: