What would this be 50 BMG shortened and necked down to 30 cal

image that’s a 300 Weatherby Magnum to its right and 50 BMG to it left

It looks much like. What is the headstamp on your case?

Foggy memory here: I remember reading about this years ago, 50 BMG shortened & necked to 30 caliber. Named something along the lines of, 30 Talbot…? Project was abandoned as it didn’t produce much more velocity than current magnums & it ate barrels alive.

Head stamp is LC 83


Zac Weighman produces a number of fantasy wildcats but I believe that he machines the head and laser etches the name on them (certainly the case with the one I have seen in person). The smallest he does is a 1mm record stylus.

I believe this picture was posted in one of the SLICS posts last year. I saved it, as I will probably grab the .303 one from him. I did pick up a couple of the .177 for a friend when I was in the US last year (from Ammo One).

n2130n I believe the cartridge you are thinking of is the 338/50Talbot. Of which I have found out there are several different version. Mainly different case length variations. When i first seen this post i thought it was one of the versions of the 338/50 Talbot myself. I wonder if someone tried necking them down to cal cal.? This is not one of the fantasy cartridges I produce. None of mine are that short.
I am currently working on making 2 different versions of REPLICAS of the 338/50 Talbot to bring to SLICS this year.