What would you like your next cartridge or box to be?


Falcon’s question ‘What was your first ever cartridge?’ got me to wondering what cartridge or cartridge box the contributors to the forum were hoping Santa would bring this Christmas. For me, it would be an early .38 ‘central fire’ box, preferably full and in pristine condition, and possibly labeled for use in Colts conversion Navy or Pocket Model revolvers, perhaps even with one of the revolvers pictured on the label.


I would like my next cartridge to be a British 15 x 104 BESA cannon round in unfired condition. For those of you who don’t know, the BESA cannon was a British-made liscence built version of the Czech BRNO vz/60 cannon. It was fitted to British Tanks and other armoured vehicles of the Second world war, and was finally declared obsolete in 1949. Even in here England, rounds for it, in any condition, fired or unfired, are like chicken’s teeth. I have never even seen an unfired one for sale.


I’d say a 36 Sharps Mule Ear would be next on my list.


BOXES wanted: SS headstamped 7.9x57 , 8 or 11 mm Murata , WW1 .50BMG , 9mm German PROOF WW1 .


I would like to find a nice UMC .30 Army 1907 Palma Match box…Randy


In addition to everything else that I don’t have, I would like an “ONNELLISTA UUTTA VUOTTA” headstamped 7.62x54R.


Oh, I think it would have to be a .303 Mark III ball round. I only know of two or three of these in the world and I was present recently when a single specimen changed hands for just under US$7,000.

Another nice one would be a British Incendiary B Mark V. That was the base fused incendiary that was never issued.

Falco. Keep looking for the 15mm BESA, they are not by any means common but they are around. I have Ball, AP, AP-T, Drill and a steel armourers headspace gauge.



My oh my, how priorities change. 60 years ago I was praying that Santa would bring me a full box of shiney new 22 LONG RIFLE cartridges. Now I’d gladly take one of the pre-T65 Experimentals using the 300 Savage commercial case. What the hell, as long as we’re fantasizing, how about a full box of shiney new ones.

Anybody want to indulge an old man???



Hey Ray, if there is any indulging of old men going on my post got in ahead of yours!

All the best


Any of several D.C.Co. headstamped cartridges,shot or
metallic.A 25-20 M would make me smile,or a 45-60 M.

Dream on.


A 7.7x56R (.303) italian made API blue tip and red annulus and case mouth, or any special pourposes 6,5 or 7,35 Carcano.
Falcon, I have a 15x104 Besa AP and I am waiting for another, czech made, that I won in an european auction . I’m searching for two empty cases, because i have two orphans bullets. When i’ll found, one is for you.


My tastes tend to stray towards the current era stuff, so I’d have to say:

HK’s 4.6x30mm PDW
Chinese Assault Rifle 5.8x42mm
Chinese Pistol 5.8x21mm
Hornady’s 6x35mm PDW


Hello Ray! I’ll indulge your 60 year old wish - If you’re willing to pay UPS shipping, I have a full box of shiney new .22 Long Rifle cartridges I’ll send to you.


Well, Santa is gone and he didn’t left a singe cartridge under our plastic Christmas tree - too bad. Perhaps better next year :-)

And all I asked for was a simple .50 BMG Mk 211 APEI cartridge or a .50 BMG SLAP if the Mk 211’s were sold out. These were the only items on my wishlist. But I’m also happy with the pair of socks he gave me instead… ;-)


I would like my next box to be an Introductory Kit for ZIP CHAMBERS. It could be for 30-06 or 30-40 Krag. I have pictures but none of the real things.Dale S.