What you can find on French battlefields

Here is a link to a document edited by a bomb squad in France.
You will discover many items we still find nowadays.

meuse.pref.gouv.fr/securite/ … demin3.pdf


Interesting, I wish I could remember more of my French from high school!


Excellent color photos showing many (most?) hand and rifle grenades, mortars, artillery shells and bombs of WW1 and WW2. Captions are recognizable so that even people with no knowledge of French can ID items from the comprehensive selection of photos on pages 13-47.
A VERY valuable ID resource for anyone who may encounter heavy ordnance items.

The text probably reads something like “This stuff is all over the place, and it can still kill you. If you see any of it, call the nearest police or bomb disposal squad immediately. Don’t mess with this on your own!” Good advice!

I aggree…not only" it can kill you" but also, “it is getting more dangerous as it gets older” ( ie, for some of them, Don’t even breathe on them!.)

I have downloaded the entire 48 pages for file and printed it. (To have a handy reference, and to keep up my Ordnance French)

It was produced as a regualr Bulletin by the Demineurs of Metz ( in Alsace) as they have stuff from as far back as the Franco-Prussian War there.

In Flanders, they still retrieve & destroy several Hundred Tons(!!) of ordnance of both WW I and WW II A YEAR!. And occasionally ( once every three or four years) a farmer is injured or killed plowing his fields there.

Last year, road workers unearthed a group grave with several Aussie diggers in it, and two were positively identified (Discs and Family DNA) and subsequently (Two weeks ago) given a Full Australian Military re-interment, with dignitaries and surviving descendants in a nearby Military cemetary, with proper gravestones. The others, still “unknowns” were also laid to rest next to their known companions. Attempts at ID are continuing.

Thanks for linking us to that bulletin. JP.

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It looks to interest at least three people. Good !!
I will try to put more interesting staff next week from WWI.
I have to scan it, so tell me what you want : mines, grenades, bombs, ctges, big shells, aso.
I cannot scan all !!!

Here is a striking grenade


Assaut striking grenade


Jean-Pierre, great images. Any info on them?

Hi !
No, only French experimental staff from WWI

Here is a very very rare 8 mm Lebel with fragmented bullet


And here some grenades fuzes

Here a fuze for a delay mine

Here is a striking fuze

Here is a TIF (Torche instantannee de Fougues) : instant torch for Fougues


Hello !

All the objects shown were French experimental items fom WWI.
Pictures were taken during army trials in 1915-1916.
I hope you enjoyed.

Jean-Pierre, excellent, great images!

How to go accross the barbwires !! (same principle as airbag !!)

shell containing an aerial grenade

anti aircraft shells

It is getting better and better ! ! !