What's in the box? French or Belgian?


My French is rusty (actually non-existant) and I feel lazy today. What is inside this paper wrapping? Etuis 1886 on the side (if it helps). Thanks.

  • The answer is very simple: rimmed cartridges “8X50R LEBEL M-le 1886”. If you could see the headstamp markings more info would be available. According with the box markings, the 8X50R ammo was manufactured in 1939. Liviu 12/27/06


The 8x50R Lebel cartridge in the package are with the “N” type bullet.


My German is rusty too. I think it says that N bullet is copper-nickel-plated steel-clad lead. It says it is for machine-guns. So, why is it packaged into what appears to be a individual infantry package?


Yes it’s a copper-nickel-plated mild-steel jacket with lead core.
This cartridge is for heavy machine gun with a chamber for this cartridge.
The powder chamber of this case i a little big greater than the cartridge with the Ball-D bullet.
My englih i rusty too, i hope you understand it.