What's on everyone's Christmas wish list?

Hi what’s on everyone’s Christmas wish list?

best regards

I don’t know about Christmas, but I’m wishing for some little Dutch elves to bring some good 7.62 Tokarev cartridges to SLICS in April.

Oh, just the usual, .303 Ball Mark III, Incendiary B Mark V. Nothing special…


Pictorial list for Santa:

Sorry - my wish for Xmas is not for cartridges - it is for all of our young men to come home out of harm’s way in
places that will never change by our presence, for better or for worse, despite their heroic efforts. We just saw that in the latest Iraqi bombings.

Well, I guess I had better throw in a cartridge wish so I don’t get scolded for my answer - any 9 x 18 mm Makarov I don’t have!

What John said… and some W-W steel shot loads with roll crimp and plastic over-shot wad as listed in the buy,sell, trade section.

What John said plus a few 39’s,that I don’t have.
Charles J Wells (Jack)

Exactly what, John said plus some GD-OTS and ATK 105MM and 120MM APFSDS made inert rounds;

  • M900 105MM APFSDS
  • M829, M829A2 and M829A3 120’s :-)
  • Any other cool, inert, tank fired DS inert ammunition Santa can fit down the chimney


A nice inert 37mm x 223 Proof and a Drill would be a very nice addition to the collection.
Best Weasel.

I’d like to ask Santa to have a rummage through his store-cupboard to see if he has any of these critters.

An early trials ‘waffle’ pattern Garand clip
A Portuguese 6,5mm Mannlicher clip
A 10 round charger for the 45ACP Chinese copy of the Mauser C-96
One of the 5 round Roth type chargers trialed by the USSR in the 1930s as a replacement for the standard 7,62x54R Nagant clip, maybe he could pass this picture round the elves’ canteen to jog their memories;

If none of the above are to be found then it would have to be a good 1945 dated German 7,92x57 charger.

Now, that’s not too much to ask is it? After all, they’re only tiny.

Happy collecting, Peter

Volumes 3 and 4 of “A History of Modern U.S. Small Arms Ammunition”

Yes, I know that they have not been published yet, but one can always dream.

Complete dimensions and photos of a Japanese made .44 S&W Russian box. This is so I can make a replica box for myself, as the chance of finding an original box or even just a lid/label under the Christmas tree is non-existant.