What's the best 7.62x51 reference?

Is there something like the Fuchs books for 7.62x51? I know HWS covers 7.62x51 US in detail, but what about foreign?

Die Militärpatronen Kaliber 7,62x51mm NATO ihre Entwicklung und
Abarten (The Military Catridges 7.62x51mm NATO their Development and Variants) by
Brandt, Hamann, Kaltmann, and Kiehn is about the best reference on 7.62x51mm that I have outside of HWS III.

It’s out of print so it may be difficult to find a copy - I think I got mine at SLICS a few years ago.

The book Cartucheria Espanola (Spanish Ammunition) by Molina & Orea devotes over 150 pages to Spanish 7.62x51mm ammunition. Information includes sectional drawings, headstamp drawings and basic info on each round shown; in Spanish & English. Unfortunately getting a copy may prove to be a bit of a challenge.


The best 7.62x51 reference? This forum!

Without me posting up about every single cartridge I find ;)

Hehe, ok, then you first need to read it all here and after that you will have a fair knowledge on them. :-)

No honestly, the subject is so huge that there never will be a single good info source.
Maybe some people specialized in this caliber can team up and create a digital database along the line of what Ron Fuchs did with 5.56mm and 12.7mm.
But here one will need lots of good will and time to do so.

I never met or was in touch with Ron Fuchs but I am very thankfull to him for his work in which he created real milestones on the subject!

There are not many books that talk about the caliber, very little and focused on the author’s country. A good book on Austrian ammunition with a good section of 7.62x51 is “Austrian Military Cartridges” by Mag. Joseph Motz, can be purchased online here http://www.waffenbuecher.com. Others are “The development or 7.62x51 ammunition in britain 1953-1997” By P. Labbett, “Australian Military Small Arms Ammunition Production 1888 - 2003” by David A Mayne. In addition to several magnificent web pages, cartrology.com, cartridgecollector.net/762-x-51-nato, http://amkat.se/ and https://sites.google.com/site/britmilammo/headstamp-codes and I do not want to forget about the great page of my country Spain municion.org of my friend Jordi.
The book “Cartucheria Española” De Molina and Orea I can get it, if there is someone interested as well as to change information or cartridges of this caliber please contact me in private.
Greetings from Spain and forgive my English as an online translator
José María

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No single source for all 7.62x51, but a good human source is NATODave Sutton. Probably has one of the biggest 7.62 NATO collections, if not the biggest, and just about any documentary source you could name…not to mention some you can’t.

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