What's this headstamp?

The headstamp is the browning buck mark. Here’s an example of what a box may look like although my box has plain brass cases


Thank you. I see it now.

Many of us thought it was a great new Arabic headstamp when we first saw it…oh well.

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Lol!! I did as well…

Is that a nickel case (silver color) in that picture, or is it a blackened case and just the lighting makes it look silver. I have not seen yet any nickel-case Browning 9 mm rounds. If it is nickel, can you tell us the loading?

I think the circled-R was added because so many people had difficulty recognizing the Browning Arms Company deer head (Buckmark) trademark, and thought it was some kind of foreign script. The first Browning headstamps did not have the “R.” I have it in Blackened case and plain brass case, but again, have never seen it in a nickel case.

John Moss

It is Nickel. I work in gun store and someone gave me a Ziploc bag with about 200 rounds of it. That all the info I had about it.

Thanks for your time

Groundmole - thanks for the confirmation. It is the first I have heard of a plain nickel-plated case in 9 mm with the Browning headstamp. One more to look for.

John Moss