I’m guessing the only other one that knows is the fine fellow from whence it came. Not sure what the prize will be for a correct answer. Maybe a trade. I’m betting there aren’t many of these floating around in collections.

Clue #1: It is a military item.

It somewhen contained (hope does not still do) a low explosive which likely was black powder, propellant or a pyrotechnic compound (the latter is unlikely in this case).

Are any markings visible? Could be a part of an explosive mine clearing system but that is just a guess.

It looks like some sort of heavy-duty trip flare or “bounding” land mine (bouncing Betty) to me; have you got any dimensions on it?

Not a land mine, but certainly associated with them.

Clue #du: It’s upside down.

Dimensions: About 14" long(tall)
Barrel about 3" dia.
“Base” about 4.5" dia X 1" thick

Rick, is it part of a ejection seat?


No. Not airplane related. But it DOES fly. Sorta.

Is it used to propel some type ground based based ordnance up into the air?


I know you used to work on missiles. Is it missile related?


Is it intended to provide thrust.

Note three holes in the “base”. They are duplicated on the other side. Also note the burn marks up the side of the barrel. It is a rocket motor.

Another view


Slick Rick,

I reckon that it is a mine clearance rocket, designed to drag an explosive “snake” across a minefield.


So is it is a rocket motor for a ground to air target or is it something like a anti mine fired rocket that launches a explosive cord a distance to clear large pathways of mines?

And another


Maybe a google will prove defining.


Cool! I just checked out Google and found this info fairly quickly for a very similar MOD1 version.

The MK 126 Mod 0 rocket motor is a propulsion subsystem of the EX 7 Mod 1, Anti-Personnel Obstacle Breaching System (APOBS). This rocket motor has a principal diameter of 2.75 inches, and is 16.5 inches long, and weighs nearly 9 pounds. This rocket motor contains 1.5 pounds of N-5 propellant.

Neat, huh? Would love to punch the button on one of these.

And FYI, EOD got it right off. I didn’t think anybody would know.