When did S&B introduce the SBP headstamp on Autopistol Headstamps?

I believe on P90D 9x17 cartridges because the box P90D 11 L 40 shows the case P90D 10 L 40
9mm P 90 D
In 1940 SB produced also SB 9x17 cases.
9mm kurz
I add an old SB box from 1926 for you…



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Very surprising to see the P90D code on that box. Thanks for posting. However, even though the label uses that designation, are you sure the ammunition in that box has the P90D headstamp?

Regardless, its a great box!!!

John Moss


I am agreeing with John, why do you think the round has a P90D head stamp.

The 7,9 rounds made by P90D from 1940 also have a SB head stamp, I don’t mean the German military.

@John, If you want, I can open the 9mm M22 (t) P90D box for you for checking the head stamps. It is still sealed.


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please open the box.
I belief,if there is printed on the box label P 90 D 1 L 40 than are these cases in the box.

If you see SB cases printed on the box than you will find SB.

The exeption to the roule ist the box ak 2L 40 with the TN.number 6.
The box contains Pak cases although the label say only ak.But the box ak 2 L 40 with the earlier TN number 5 contains ak cases.I belief the printer knows what to do but only the case maker made the mistake with the wrong P.


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Norbert or Dutch (not sure which of you has the P90D 9 mm Kurzpatrone box) - it is up to you if you want to open the sealed box. I myself open sealed, old ammo boxes all the time, but then full boxes mean nothing to me. I usually dump out all be one round to lessen the chance of damage to the box if it is dropped. I had a nice .44-40 box (I have guns in the caliber, which is why I had this box), old and full. It got knocked off the shelf it was on and basically disintegrated when it hit my concrete floor. Totally ruined.

At any rate, I fully understand many people like full, sealed boxes, and with an already rare box, it might well lessen its value in case of a future sale. The old question - go for value, or go for knowledge. Of course, in many cases, it is possible to do both at the same time. Always the choice of the guy who owns the item.

Don’t open it just on my account, though.

Thanks for the offer to do so.


I think so,because you have the same thing at dou…
I add boxes with the P 14 A code on the labels and the content of the box with the P 14 A cases.
P 14 A  40

P 14 A Inhalt    P 14 A 42 40

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Gentleman, I have a funny feeling about opening this box, but to end the discussions about this cartridge in the future, I do what my friend John Moss would have done.

John 2



Thank you very much, Willem.

Willem - thank you. Question answered. Almost certainly no P90D headstamp on the 9 mm Kurzpatrone.

It is a great box, opened or sealed. Even I would probably keep this one full. Can’t really say why, but some boxes just strike you that they are too important/interesting to empty. Even a codger like me, who basically dislikes full boxes, admits that.

John M.

Very interesting headstamp!