Where can I buy Blackwater Ammunition 9x19mm?

The Blackwater Ammunition website indicates that they sell ammunition with their headstamp.

Forum post:

indicate they also make a +P load using the SST steel and aluminum cases.

Does anyone know a source on the internet to purchase this ammunition???


Lew - they claim in a separate article that they have a distributor in Charlotte, NC. Unfortunately, they don’t give a name. Might be a place to start the search, though. Sorry I can’t help more.

John Moss

Hi Lew,
I have attempted to contact BlackwaterUSA, using their on-line contact form but have never received a reply

They are located in Concord, No. Carolina, I will revert back to the good old snail mail this evening or tomorrow and post a reply if one shows up.

Will you please PM me when you have the time.

They can’t be selling much given how hard it is to find anything to buy. Many sites I have encountered will list the dealers who handle the ammunition. I can’t find this information on Blackwater.

If anyone spots anything, please let me know.

Thanks to those who posted above.