Where does this one fit in?

Is this a militaty experimental load or a sporting round

The 222 Super is a 222 rimmed Remington made by Super Cartridge Co.,Marybynong, Victoria, Australia in the 1960s.

Sherryl, can you measure the bullet diameter? It looks like a .17/.222 Rimmed wildcat.



Thank to all that supplyed info,FEDE cztrouba gave the most clear answer to that one

Indeed so, & sorry to mislead you Sherryl
I’ll delete my post

Sherryl, no doubt it is a .222 Rimmed made by Super, but the shoulder angle is not correct for this cartridge and the bullet diameter looks smaller than .22.

First of all to Petedecoux no you did not mislead me you told me what you tought and that is
allowed and as it should be and thank you.And yes the round is what is stated on the stamp
however FEDE was right,and I ask myself why I did not notice it someone indeed necked
that cartridge down to 17.so I think the stamp is original but the neck and bullet is a wildcat
But it is still interesting to find out that this loading and cartridge was produced commercially

.17 Myra made on a Super Cartridge Co. .222 Rimmed case.
Semi-commercial wildcat by
Myra’s Sports Store of Broken Hill, NSW. Used in Martini Cadet, and some bolt guns.
Packets and cartridges by Myra are relatively rare. Active in 1960s to 1990s or so. Store still trading (I think).
Doc AV

Doc AV, do you have a reference offering a .17 Myra based on the .222 Rimmed case? The only .17/.222 cartridge by Myra that I’m aware was based on the .222 Remington rimless case.

Epps in Canada and Lee Baker in the USA also made cal. .17 wildcat cartridges based on the .222 Rimmed case by Super.



Fede you do not cease to amaze me living in one of my favorite citys of the world Buenos Aires
and you know that that cartridge comes from Epps in Canada well it did or his former associate
or manager Schisler.Under the circumstances what you wrotr is right on the CASA ROSADA
I also thank Doc Av4901 for his input.

Hola, Fede.
I will have to search my 1960s-80’s copies of the SSAA Journal, to find the Myra advertisements and articles on their range of " wildcats" based on .222 Rimmed and Rimless cases.

Saludos, y Felice Navidad.

Sporting ammo is not my thing, but I recently saw a note of mine from the 70s about some Myra calibres.
Unfortunately I didn’t note headstamps, but suspect some or all the following may be found with MYRA headstamps.

Myra .222-17 Improved 25 gr 4000 fps Don’t remember if this was rimmed or Rimless case.
Myra .228 Mirage 70 gr 3500
Myra .228 x 43mm 70 gr 2750
Myra .243 70 gr 2900
Myra .250 75 gr 2950
Myra .284 0r 7mm 110 gr 2550
Myra .308 130 gr 2300

Apologise for the bare basic details.

Here is also a short synopsis of some Australian cartridges



Thanks Daan

Just a note. someone has a bunch of “Super” empty boxes on ebay.