Where is this bullet from

I found this bullet today in the woods in Poland and would like to know where it’s from?



According to IAA Reference Headstamp Codes (right above your post in the Reference tab) it came from Metallwerk Wandhofen G.m.b.H., Schwerte/Ruhr, Germany in 1937.

It is an ordinary German 7.9 mm rifle cartridge, the same caliber as used by Poland and called 7.92 mm there. Sksvlad already named the maker. Letter S* shows the case is made from brass with 72 percent copper.
German 7.9 mm bullet types are identified by the color of the primer annulus (ring groove around the primer). Most probably ist was green for the heavy bullet (sS). Red would mean an armor piercing bullet with a hardened steell core (SmK). A black bullet tip means tracer.

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