Where order collection ammo un Canada?

Good evening everyone! Do you know a place or a website in canada to buy collections ammunition?

Canada requires special licence to buy ammo. I assume that many American ammo dealers try to avoid dealing with Canadian customers by mail. I have a good friend from Montreal, I’ll ask him.

Ok thank you!!😀😀

In Canada yes you need a federal permit to buy ammo. It is the same permit used to buy a firearm. The firearm purchase is recorded, the ammo is not. The permit is to ensure over 18 and not disqualified criminally or mentally from getting ammunition. It is shown like a drivers licence is shown at a bar to prove age. You can send a photo copy of your permit to buy ammo online. One however can not ship ammo across the border to to US regulations. Within Canada one can send via UPS Ground.


The post of cartridgecorner is correct however there is something that had not been mentioned
and that is the price of the shipping.Since no ammunition can be shipped trough regular mail
and only by Can par?? the cost has become so prohibitive that virtually the Ammo shipped
no matter what has lost all sense and reason unless you intend to sit on it for the next 100 years
recently a close friend of mine and collector tried to ship 2 Greener police 14 gauge cases to
Edmonton from North Bay selling price was 24$ the estimated shipping price was 71$ this was
not the only occasion this happened twice more needless to say the buyers refused.Under such
circumstances any trading in cartridges or ammo comes to a standstill.I myself have lots of stuff
for sale I do not even bother because unless someone comes to my house I cannot ship it.

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If one is buying a large quantity, courier costs become more reasonable (on a per-cartridge basis). I’ve bought whole collections from retirees (or next of kin), but that of course becomes unreasonable once you have a thousand or so cartridges.

If you live in (and buy from) a major city, CanPar isn’t too unreasonably priced. Maybe $20-30 CAD for a small box of cartridges.

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Ya that is ok the question here is the value of that small box of cartridges if that box is only worth
between 20+25$ but the shipping is 30$ where is the sense this whole thing and firearms often
included has become a fools paradise the shipping now very often out strips the value of the
packet content.The very sad part is that collectors cannot trade or sell cartridges in a reasonable
manner due to our often great distensens to deal with.The Gun shows in these parts of Canada
are few and cartridges at these shows are mostly a non issue and if they are they need to be
given away not sold anything ask above 5$ creates shock waves.