Where the heck did they come from?!

How many times have I opend a box that was supposed to have something, only to “discover” something entirely different? I have no idea.

Yesterday I was looking for an errant four handgun case. When I found it, it was HEAVY, like hurt myself lifting it heavy. Inside were these.

Top layer (The white box 4th from left, repacked by a company named ‘TALON’, LC61, Ball M80, Lot TLN05CA007WF):

Bottom layer (The ‘EAGLE’ is Israeli ‘IMI’, marked: “9mm Luger F.M.J. carbine only MATCH GRADE”, “No 9-23A/1”:

What are the Winchester 9mm Ball NATO M882, and the IMI EAGLE 9mm worth, (box ends shown below)?

Thanks, all.

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