Where was made this 7,9x57 for Etiopia?

Hello all of you.
I have in my collection this Ordinary M88 7,92x57.
Do you know where was made it?

Very thanks for your help.


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I have this listed as Unknown though likely made by SFM, France according to an older periodical from a cartridge collecting club. Any updates would be appreciated though for sure.

Pedro, great headstamp, thanks for sharing. It is marked using Amharic characters that are translated as “Dubay” (Dubai), but that’s all I know about it.

@cartridgecorner Curtis, can you tell us the name of the cartridge club and number? I would like to know more about this headstamp.



I do not know the issue offhand but it was in an older Canadian Cartridge Collectors Journal I believe. It simply stated the authors opinion that he believed this was French made but no proof so I have left as “Unknown” until more concrete information surfaces.

Thanks for your help.
I am going to try send to an arabic translator friend. She speaks some different Arabic languages.
When i’ll have new news i’ll tell you.


Amharic is NOT an “Arabic” language or script. Totally unconnected, Amharic probably predates Arabic, anyway, may be back to Ancient Egyptian times.
Get an Ethiopian to translate it for
You. AN arabic speaker would say,
" isn’t Arabic!!!"
Doc AV

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Found an explanation for the term “Dubay” in an Ethiopian context in an article titled “Linguistic and Cultural Data on the Penetration of Fire-Arms into Ehiopia”, Journal of Ethiopian Studies, Vol. 9, No. 1, January 1971 (p. 80-81).

80 81

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The participants in this forum never cease to amaze me. Thank you all.

Fede, a very interesting contribution. Thanks.

Could Dubay be translated to the term Mauser?


Hola Ximo,

They used a different word for Mauser: መውዘር (Mäwzär).

Un saludo grande,


Hello all of you again and very thanks for you help

Now i am thinking about the meaning of Dubai, is a weapon?,is a cartridge? (Maybe large rifle 7,9x57 caliber) Now i have more dudes than the beginning.
But now, i know is a great cartridge.

Very thanks