Where's the introduction section here?

Newbie here :) . I just made an account and look forward to being a part of this forum and community.

Welcome aboard! Hope you find the forum as interesting as I do.

Just a side note some of the regular contributors to the forum are enroute or have arrived at the International Cartridge Show in St. Louis which starts today so activity on the forum may be down just a little bit.

Whish I was lucky enough to be there!


There is quite a few of us, who I guess are called “creepers” ,we just read and learn but may not have a lot to add. Don’t forget about the “buy sell and trade section” .Vic

paprecamartin–I’m not sure what you mean by “Introduction Section”, but if you click on “IAA Home” on the right side above you will find a wealth of information, especially if your new to cartridge collecting (and even if you are an old time collector).

Next, Welcome to our Forum. I want to stress that there is NO question too basic to ask if your new at this collecting. No matter how basic the question, I guarantee you will get a complete, non-condescending reply.

One more thing, the Buy-Sell-Trade section was mentioned above. Keep in mind that you are welcome to read and reply to posters there, but to post yourself you must be an IAA member.

Welcome to the site!
I sure hope you collect shotgun shells!!

Welcome, big time, Paprecamartin.



Welcome to the forum!