Which type of .50 BMG Salvo Squeezebore is it?


I have this cartridge:

On this page ( link below) i saw the differnt types of Salvo Squeezebore, but I’m not realy sure if its a typ1 oder type 2 ,- cant see the difference.

cartrology.com/browse-ammuni … MG&page=10

Hope you can help.

The first of those were magnetic & I’m pretty sure the magnetic were the first type .50/30 SSB projectiles, but I’ve been wrong before.

Rom Fuchs had a short article in the IAA listing the variations of these but I can easily find it at the moment

Edited once to add; that headstamps on these make no difference as they used what ever WW II brass was at hand.

Edited again to add the IAA journal number & page is 474, pg 26

Hi thanks for your informations.
The Bullet is not magnetic.

I searched in older ECRA bulletins (320-15) and found an article about the Salvo bullets. There is a version with 5 bullets and one with 3.
The 5 bullets version has a deep crimp on the neck.

There’s never been any “official” designation for the various loads of SSB rounds in .50 cal. Ron worked up a system just to make conversations easier amongst collectors, but it’s more random than anything official.

Of the variants, at least here in the US, this is one of the 4 common designs. A couple others are more rare, with the rest being very rare.

All these cone-shaped .50 SSB’s are 5 bullets, not 3. I have pulled samples of all those variants. Now the 7.62, the 9mm and .45 have 3 bullets, but the .50 cone-shaped SSB’s are 5.

There are some .50 loads from the SSB project that don’t resemble these at all, looking at them you would not know they are from the same project. They don’t use the cone shaped projectiles and they have fewer than 5.

So this is wrong?

Yours should be the type 2 if they are non-magnetic. I believe the type 1 projectiles are steel and type 2 are tin plated, but I’d have to check my references to be certain on the materials.

50m2hb is correct that I am using Ron Fuchs’ designations for these cartridges. I should actually make that more clear on the website.

Two complete & never loaded .50/30 SSB bullets plus a set of 5, not yet finished.

Edited once to correct my previous post & add that according to Rom the 1st type magnetic variations similar to yours are found with only the one headstamp. From those variations forward the headstamp is not important in determining which was first, second, third & etc. Other than all these that I’m aware of, were on WW II era .50 BMG brass.


Yes, of the SSB’s illustrated, they should all be 5 cones each.

If you’ve ever seen Ron Fuchs photo of the SSB series (where he lists the designations), you can see the differences. I took that photo for him.

Thanks alot for these informations!!!