Which Type of Cartridge does the most damage?

From left to right you see the cartridges which do the most damage ;-)


Indeed, a dangerous load, unless your prepared for the possible collateral damage to your self & your other girlfriend…

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The lipstick :-) very dangerous :-) If my wife see it :-)

Hahahaha that is great.

The one on the right is also, by an exponential factor, the most expensive…

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Guns are female. Why? because they use powder; all of them are interesting; every one is unique; you can never have too many; and because if you handle one wrong, you can get killed.


Females are like tornadoes, they come wet and wild, and when they leave, they take your house, cars and ammo with them.

Funny the subject came up, on the 8th of April I will get rid of my example of such a cartridge!
Was never happier to loose a “cartridge”!

If you do not use one of the other cartridges to get rid of the last one on the right ;-)

That would be a waste!