Which version of 7.62x51 Blank is this?

o/a Length: 63.56mm (2.5020in)
Crimp: 6-petal
Tip: Purple
Annulus: Purple
HS: LC 69

It’s definatly not an M64 Grenade Cartridge or the M82 Blank Cartridge.

Is this an earlier version of blank or some special purpose cartridge?

It looks just like an M82A1 blank, but the date seems way too early. I was under the impression that the M82A1 was adopted in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s. The non-NATO headstamp would be right for a blank, maybe this was an experimental?


I’ve never heard of the M82A1 cartridge, it’s not listed in the April 1994 version of TM 43-0001-27, or in that list a link was posted about ‘M’ designations.

Someone will have an official reference to this one somewhere

Maybe formed from a .30-06 case? I don’t know if LC were still making it in 1969?


Theres an M82 Blank mentioned in the June 1981 version of TM 43-0001-27, but it does not have a “petal” crimp.

My recollection of this cartridge goes back to my service days in the early 1990’s. On one particular training mission I was issued a can of 7.62x51mm belted blank ammunition for my M-60E3 machingun. When I opened the can, I was VERY surprised to see purple tipped, rose crimped blanks! I thought they were foreign manufacture at first, but they had a fairly recent date and the usual “LC” in the headstamp. I am quite certain that the outside can markings indicated M82A1, which in my mind explained the new crimping style of this ammunition. I also recall seeing this designation somewhere else along the way. Perhaps the “A1” has been dropped from the nomenclature by now, as I think happened to the M-855 and M-856 5.56 cartridges. I recall there being “A1” versions of these as well, but recent manufacture can markings do not seem to show this. Perhaps some one who is more knowledgeable than I can explain and clarify this.