White fluted cardboard

Does anyone know where to get, the white, single faced fluted cardboard, that works great in cartridge drawers? It’s about 1/2" high. It could be called Jumbo A flute, (30 per meter, 7.0mm high) or even K flute, (25 per meter, 6.6mm high). As near as I can tell.

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Did you check with any Arts & Crafts suppliers? Food service suppliers might also be a source.

Several years ago (1980’s) I bought a roll 50 feet x 4 feet wide from a place that specialized in materials for store window displays. It has flutes about 3/4 inch wide and was used to simulate Greek columns. I got the address (which, if I remember correctly was in Iowa) from the window designer at the local department store.


You can check the link below - you may have to cut & paste to put it back together as one link because of it’s length. The shipping adds substantially to the cost but sending to a commercial address is much cheaper than residential. They had the stuff on my doorstep in a couple of days and it’s exactly what I was looking for. Rich

packagingprice.com/forms/pro … gated+Wrap

For the brown open-face corragated cardboard, check the yellow pages in your area for commercial box makers. Most larger cities have a local box maker. They normally have this product and well sell you whatever length you want. This saves the shipping charges.

The store display material I mentioned above is white and the flutes are about 1/2 inch deep and 3/4 inch wide. I was once given some gold colored material like the above that had been used in a local theater group in one of the sets for a play. They were just throwing it out as it was odd sizes, but I was able to selvage about 50-60 drawer liner size pieces out of it. So, be creative. Lots of places use this type of material once and then dispose of it.

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That sounds like the right stuff Ron, about a 1/2" high. I got it out of Chicago in the late 80’s, but they are no longer in business. The brown was a little smaller, but a lot harder on the lead bullets. Google has been sending me to the UK a lot, but not ready for that yet. It’s probably available here in the US someplace, just have not found it yet. I wonder if the brown might “air out” a bit, if under glass for a week in the hot sun…

I was looking for old posts about using single faced fluted cardboard in drawers to keep cartridges from rolling around and found this thread. I noticed some comments about the carboard affecting lead bullets. Have any of you had this problem?


The next time you are at the grocery doing the family shopping look around at some of the promotional displays. Many times they will use the plastic corrugated stuff and when they replace the displays they simply throw the old out (or bundle it for recycling) If they know that you want it they will save it for you.


Much of the corrugated stuff is made from pulp that has been acid treated. It will not only frost your lead bullets, it will darken cartridge brass. Either seal it with a good acrylic or water based shellac or call the nearest paper mill to see if they can give you some acid free stuff.

What’s that you say? No paper mill near you. Well there’s one just 25 miles from beautiful downtown Linden Az so there’s probably one near you too.

Try the local artists supply. They usually carry only acid free materials.


Sam, try contacting member Ron Fuchs. He used to have some white fluted plastic that works super. I looked up the product several years ago and there are several companies in the U.S. that make it. Problem is to buy it direct you have to buy a huge quanity. Someone has some at our CA show several years ago but he passed away so do not know where he got it. Ron was giving away some white plastic strips glued to thin masonite. They work perfectly for holding cartridges you are cataloging. The strips are 2" wide by 11" long.


I have used the brown single-faced corrugated cardboard for years with no ill effects on my cartridges. I think the key is how it is used. I use it in drawers where there is lots of air circulation. If you were to seal it under glass in a display it most likely would cause a problem.

The fluted cardboard is mainly used in tin cookie jars, as a protective layer between the metal and the cookies. (I used to write software for the world’s second largest cardboard manufacturer, I’m not a cookie addict :) ).

You may want to write or visit a manufacturing plant, they’d probably be happy to supply you with a batch.

The largest in the USA is Smurfit. My former Employer, Kappa, merged with it a while ago.

See previous post above… the local stores, the convience stores have soda and beer displays they change often. It’s fluted bleached white paper and has worked great for me for some years now.

The white looks better than the brown corregated paper and doesn’t seem to affect cartridges… and it’s free!


Check Hobby Lobby, if there is one near you. I bought a bunch from a local artist supply house, Texas Art Supply. Came in big rolls (three feet wide, several long) and a variety of colors.