White & Munhall book

I searched previous posts looking for info on a White & Munhall book titled “Pistol and Revolver cartridges” but I only found references to a headstamp guide… same book??? I was wondering if the 1967 White & Munhall book edited by Ray Bearse and titled “Pistol & revolver cartridges” is still relevant, or quality? Is it simply a caliber by caliber reference similar to Cartridges of the World, or does it go more in depth on bullet types, and military loads? Does it have color photos, or black & white?

Thanks for any info

Hi, White Munhall did two books on pistol cartridges. 1948 book is Centerfire Metric Pistol and Revolver cartridges. 1950 book is Centerfire American And British Pistol And Revolver Cartridges. Both are good but somewhat obsolete now. They both have drawings, dimensions, synonyms and European case numbers where applicable but no headstamp information. You might find them online in some of the gun book used sections.


In 1967 the two books were re-published as a combined “New & Revised” Edition with both volumes in one book. It was published by A.S. Barnes Co., Inc. This would be easier to find than the originals. For searching purposes this combined edition was published under the name “Centerfire Pistol and Revolver Cartridges, New and Revised Edition” by H.P. White, B.D. Munhall and Ray Bearse

DK–Here are sample pages from the two books so you can decide if you want them. Just my opinion, but if I did not already have them, I would not bother to buy them. Especially the Pistol and revolver book offers nothing that is not available in Erlmeier and Brandt’s two volumes. Not only are the E&B books more up to date, but, I feel they have better information. Plus, they are currently available.

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Sample page from The Pistol & Revolver book

Sample page from E&B for comparison

Sample page from the Bearse book

I agree with Ron. I have both volumes of White Munhall and two volumes of
Erlmeier and Brandt. I use the E&B all the time and seldom if ever use the White Munhall.


Thankyou Ron & Rimfire! I will look into the newer books you mention