White & Munhall- Pistol & revolver Ctge- revised edition


Pistol & Revolver Cartridges (New and Revised Edition) by H.P. White and Burt D. Munhall
Cartridge Identification, Volume I: Centerfire metric pistol and revolver cartridges and Volume II: Centerfire American and British Pistol and Revolver cartridges.
One of the classic references in the study of cartridges. First published as separate volumes in 1948 and 1950, this is the 1967 revision by Ray Bearse. 170 pages 8.5” x 11” hardbound. The immense stature of this work is attested to by the authors of the introductions- Maj. Gen J.S. Hatcher [“Notebook’] for the original and J.H. Mathews- author of the massive 3 volume firearms identification bible for forensic labs for the revised edition.
This covers virtually every pistol or revolver caliber known [up to 1967]. Each caliber is listed, along with its other names, and when introduced, the types of arms chambered for it, dimensional data, then some historical background on the origins of the cartridge, case it was derived from, and then commentary on advantages and disadvantages of the caliber. Lots of dimensions and tabular data. Overall about excellent condition except for previous owner’s name and a comment inked on the inside covers. Dustjacket has some chipping and small tears, but pretty good.
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