White paint in headstamp lettering


Can someone run me a quick tutorial on how you get the white paint so neatly into the headstamp lettering - for display and identification.

I am sure it is a simple technique, but with the older primers, slightly porous - I don’t want to stain the metal, by trying to rub off excess paint - I am sure it’s a simple solution - but I am coming into collecting cartridges from a very different hobby artistic background, would love a little shared knowledge, here :)

Thank you!


Hello pitfighter - If you really want to use white paint, the white-out pens With a fine tip should work. But if your concern is all the excess paint, I would use white chalk (as it will always come clean, if needed)

I hope the following link can help a little bit, as it was recently discussed: http://iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=16723&p=119967&hilit=Chalk#p119967



Fantastic Dave -

Thank you, I did several searches on white paint - and nothing, lol.

I like the chalk idea - with a variation in technique for the heavy lacquer cartridges, of which there are a few.

Great thread and exactly what I needed!